Who’s the Boss? – New Vice President of Research and Innovation in Aalto

Aalto University selected a new vice president responsible for research and innovation: Professor of Space Science and Technology Tuija I. Pulkkinen Ph.D. (b. 1962).file_crop1_275538_y_384

Aallonhuiput representative in Vice Rector Selection Committee was Sami Laine. First, the search committee identified potential candidates from all the Schools. The most potential candidates were contacted and requested to submit their official applications to the recruitment office. Then, during the official recruitment process the search committee reviewed the CVs and interviewed all the candidates. Aallonhuiput representative personally asked questions about candidates’ views about interdisciplinary R&D and the roles of master and doctoral students. Candidates were profiled according to their characteristics, pointing out the main characteristics, the most important differences, and issues that should be discussed during final interviews. Aalto HR Committee and the President of Aalto University interviewed the top candidates and suggestion for the last interview by the Chairmain of the Board. The final appointment was made by The Aalto University Board. Although the official decision was made by the Aalto University Board, Aallonhuiput took part in the recruitment process and made sure that the most important topics were explicitly discussed during the interviews. Interdisciplinary including a) basic and applied research, b) technology, business and arts, and most importantly the role of doctoral students as a members of Aalto University scientific community.


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