Themes for the term 2012-2013

Aallonhuiput board has discussed the term 2012-2013 and decided to start off with a focus on the following themes.

  • Aallonhuiput focuses on improving communications by providing relevant and timely information to our members and affiliates. Preferred communication channels include our website, blogs and an open Facebook group.
  • In Aalto University government, Aallonhuiput continues to supervise the interest of PhD students during reshaping of the university. Aallonhuiput will actively take part into discussions and inform its members about important decisions concerning PhD students.
  • Member events continue to be a part of Aallonhuiput activities. Through events we want to increase the visibility of Aallonhuiput and to promote integration of PhD students to the Aalto family.

We invite comments on Aallonhuiput activities for the term 2012-2013 and in general.


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