PoDoCo – Post Docs in Companies – Wait what? We are supposed to work?

(NOTICE: The following post was written in 2015 about that year’s Post Docs in Companies -application round. Details like involved companies and salaries might be different in later years).


By: Sampsa Laakso

Fimecc (Finish metals and engineering competence cluster) has launched a new iniative with research funding foundations to employ soon to be or recently graduated doctors to industrial companies. The deal is that the foundations fund the first 6 months of the research project and next 6 months is funded by the company. The goal is that the post docs will be employed in the companies after the research project. There is 350k€ foundation money, so on the first round, starting in fall, there will be about 20 positions.

The companies involced are: ABB, Stora Enso, Kone, Cargotec, Metso, Neste Oil, Outotec, Vaisala, Outokumpu, SSAB, Genelec, Ponsse, Rolls Royce, Fastems.

To participate in this program, first thing to do is to fill your researcher profile in the program website: http://www.fimecc.com/content/post-docs-companies-podoco

The idea is that the program coordinators are working as a dating service for companies and researchers. When a positive match between researcher and company is found, the program arranges blind date for the participants to discuss the collaboration. I wonder when we get a mobile app for this.

I personally think the idea is great. Finnish industry is not accustomed to using doctors in their operations and this will be great practice. Also, hopefully good experiences will increase the number of post doc positions in companies. On the other hand, it was told that the salary will be less than in basic entry level master’s positions, so it seems that still, the knowledge and skills of doctors are underappreciated. I myself am going to apply just for the sake of curiosity, and one never knows if good things comes from this. What are your thoughts?


From the PoDoCo info lecture on Thursday 4.5.

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