Minutes from the Annual meeting 2019

Aallonhuiput conducted their Annual meeting for 2019 on 08.11.2019. The minutes of the meeting are presented below. If a member has an objection to any point in the minutes, please contact us. The period to object is 1 month from the date of publishing this post.


Aalto University Doctoral Student Association

Annual Meeting 7/2019

Date 08.11.2019
Location Makerspace, Aalto University Learning Centre.

  1. Opening. 17:23
  2. Organization of the meeting.
    1. Sneha selected as the secretary of the meeting.
    2. Arpine chairing meeting
    3. Auditors: Pablo, Abdollah
  3. Legality and quorum.
    1. attended by: Pablo Perez, Pascale Blyth, Nina Saarikoski, Krishna Chauhan, Steven Coccins, Annika Stuke, Rina Ibragimova, Christopher Gorsch, Ali Amiri, Hosein Sacheghi, Morteza Gholami Haghighi Fard, Saani Shakil, Abdollah Noorizadeh, Felix Epp, Arpine Meghakyn, Tilman Bauer, Sneha Das
    2. Agenda sent 2 weeks before the meeting.
    3. Annual meeting not advertised on website. After a formal discussion with participants, it was agreed to post the minutes on the website with an open objection period (1 month from the date of publishing the minutes)
  1. Arpine presents annual report and financial numbers:
    1. Main goal of the year: 1. Voice in Aalto 2. Bringing phd students closer and build network 3. Industry interaction.
    2. Events organized during the year.
    3. Statistics comparing 2018-2019: 1. More new members this year, 2. 83 ppl paid membership fees, 3. Expenses much less in 2019 4. Events many in 2019
    4. Big picture: Increasing visibility, Creating network, Rights of Doctoral candidates, Connection with other universities, Connection with other industry.
    5. Preliminary financial report: 550 euros from AYY, 664 euros from membership, 100 euros sponsored by other platforms for some events
  1. Felix presents on organizing membership:

18:03 – Arpine announces break for pizza and to discuss regarding member management.

18:34- back from break

  1. Membership organization:
    1. Pascal proposes mandatory membership fees
    2. Vote on the amount of mandatory membership fees: 0 Euros-13; 1 Euro-1; 5 Euros-1; 10 Euros-1
    3. Voluntary membership fees amount vote: 8 Euros- 2; 9 Euros-2; 9.99 Euros-3; 10 Euros-7; 20 Euros-1; Abstain-1
  2. Elections:
    1. Candidates for president: Abdollah, Felix, Sneha, Rina
    2. Speeches
    3. Sneha withdrew nomination.
    4. Votes for president: Felix, Riina: each 6; Abdollah: 5; Revoting between Rina and Felix: 8 each; Coin toss to decide: Rina selected as president
    5. Vote on number of board members: 10 memebrs: 14; 8 memebrs: 2; decided 10 members on board.
    6. 11 people interested to be in the board; Saani withdrew; Final Members on board: Rina, Pascale, Felix, Sneha, Pablo, Nina, Chris, Krishna, Yash, Vera
    7. Saani accepted as functionary.
    8. Auditor/vice-auditor: No volunteers. So agreed to continue with last year’s auditors continue.
  3. 20:23 Meeting closed.

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