Late regards from 2012 to 2013!

For Aallonhuiput the year 2012 concluded in pre-Xmas party at Kamppi. There were some 30 happy participants and we had all sorts of Christmas treats to eat. In this event – aside from having casual and fun with drinks and socializing – we also implemented some “workshop activities”, to better find out who we Aallonhuiput are and where should we be heading.


We asked the participants (after providing some strong glögi) to help us define the most important post-grad matters, and their expectations from Aallonhuiput now and in the future. The time-span we were studying was from today ’til 2022. By that time it might be that most of us have graduated… Hopefully! But the interest remains to help smoothen the studies for future candidates as well.

These activities are great in looking at our year 2013 at hand. They help us to define what types of activities we should organize, and what concerns our fellow students working on their dissertation.


Matters of interest in post-graduate studies (now and in the future)

Present concerns:
– Interaction between campuses
– “Feedback box” for PhD students (on courses, feedback, ideas)
– Career planning
– Tips / info on funding!
– Tips on defence (dissertation seminar?)

Future concerns:
– Tips on funding, as always…

The matters of interest had few points we should address in the future. We’ve organized a seminar on international exchange in 2012, but obviously an event around funding would be something to look into. Some information on grants can be found at Inside ( Also, we could look a bit into career planning. Some general info on this in Inside as well, but more would be needed ( One particular idea – the “initiative box” – could be digitally implemented at our website at some point, as it seems quite simple and functional.

Your expectations from Aallonhuiput (now and in the future)

Present expectations:
– PhD pub night
– Peer-support / PhD support group
– Reach all students!
– Defining goals for Aallonhuiput
– Get 1000 members
– Connecting international students
– Introduction to Finnish culture
– Informal language courses
– Informal seminars
– Organize trips
– PhD sailing group

Future expectations:
– Post-grad sports
– Graduation party
– Surf training!

So for us Aallonhuiput it seems that social networking and cultural activities are of the most importance. We are now organizing “The Great Campus Road Show” to familiarize us post-grad students to the three Aalto campuses, and have started to use English in our communications to reach towards international students. Still, it might take a while before we get to that sailing group!

…Aside from this “official” part of the work all participants also involved themselves in designing an unofficial (very unofficial) mascot for Aallonhuiput. Below collage gives you an idea of several different takes on this topic. It remains unclear whether we now create overalls according to the statues, but at least we have a new inspiring look at our website.

In general, year 2013 has started swell, and we are looking enthusiastically towards the Spring!


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