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It’s the annual meeting season! Aallonhuiput hosts its pre-christmas party and annual meeting on 4.12 (see facebook event for details)

One of the main items on the agenda is appointing a new board for 2018. Please consider joining it. Being on the Aallonhuiput board is a great way to contribute to doctoral student life in Aalto. And if you join you’ll make a lot of friends along the way.

Below are descriptions of next year’s board positions. If you are interested in joining for any of them, come to the annual meeting and nominate yourself for the election. The new board will be selected by the annual meeting on the same night.

If you want to know more about the board positions, or about being in the Aallonhuiput board in general, send us a message with our contact form. We are more than happy to tell you more.


Representation of the association is one of the president’s main tasks. Aallonhuiput holds positions in Aalto Management Team, which includes e.g. all the Aalto deans,  Aalto Leaders Dialogue and AYY Neuvosto, which comprises of all the special registry associations’ presidents. Other responsibilities of the president include strategic planning, organizing and holding board meetings, being the principal contact for the association as well as a multitude of other smaller tasks.

Vice President (VP)

When the president is unavailable, the vice president steps in. The vice president also participates in other tasks, such as gathering funding, representation and strategic development. The VP is usually also responsible for drafting the annual report of the association.


Minutes of the board meetings are kept and managed by the association secretary, who works closely alongside the president and the vice president.


Treasurer takes care of Aallonhuiput’s finances. Budget planning, annual financial statement and keeping track of the association’s monetary situation are all responsibilities of the treasurer.

Public Relations (PR) Manager

The PR Manager is responsible for keeping the conversation active by updating the blog, Twitter and Facebook group. She/he is also responsible for the mailing list, which keeps members up-to-date about what’s interesting for doctoral students.

Web Administrator

Several of the association’s communications channels need regular IT maintenance, which is where the web admin steps in. The web admin is responsible for managing the mailing lists, website as well as keeping track of the member registry and the association’s electronic accounts (mainly WordPress and Dropbox).

Education Officer

The education officer is a part of Doctoral Education Working Group (DEWG) of Aalto and reports about the committee work to the other board members. The education officer also keeps in touch with AYY educational people.

Logistics Officer

At times, there are several random things to be done which require previously non-specified skills. Each logistics officer makes his or hers own tasks and can take responsibility for almost anything, really. This person should be really, really willing to help out.

Party Chief

Life of the party, the party chief, is responsible for the parties.

Chief Creative Officer

Creative Officer is responsible for photography, graphic design of ads and anything creative in general.

Liaison Officer

Recently Aallonhuiput has been increasing collaboration with outside organizations. One of the collaborators is TEK (Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland) and the liaison officer is a member of a TEK doctoral working group. The liaison officer is also responsible for maintaining old connections and obtaining new ones to support the association.

Ville Sillanpää
PR-manager 2016

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