Get to know Aallonhuiput board 2015!

The members of the Aallonhuiput board 2015 were selected in the annual meeting last December and now it’s time for you to meet them. If you are still left wondering what the Aallonhuiput board is all about, you should come meet us in our events or contact us We warmly recommend all events!

Aallonhuiput chairman for this year is Sami Laine, who is currently a part-time doctoral student in Aalto University, School of Science, Department of Computer Science. His current research topic combines data sciences, medical informatics and business studies. Concerning doctoral students his goal is to influence the Finnish research and development policies and practices through student activism. Active and charming, he is doing his best to promote openness and data management in Aalto and Aallonhuiput.

As a vice chairman, Pilvi Oksman is the executive leader responsible for running the formalities. Pilvi is a doctoral student in the School of Chemical Technology and her thesis topic is numerical modelling (CFD) of continuous casting of steel. Pilvi is passionate about improving the status of doctoral students and always ready to discuss a variety of things related to doctoral studies. People who have met her know that she talks a lot, but she takes the challenges of doctoral students very seriously and does her best to fix possible problems.

Juulia Suvilehto is the only person who was not around when the photo was taken. This means you just have to google her. Juulia studies the neural basis social interaction at NBE, in Aalto School of Science. When not at work she sings in a nerd choir and tries to teach her cat, Pythagoras, tricks. Seems like pretty interesting stuff? Her role in Aallonhuiput is the communications officer, responsible for i.e. mailing list postings.

Lari Koponen is the study officer of Aallonhuiput. He’s a second year doctoral student working in the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering (NBE), where he tries to develop new technology for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). He encourages people to contact him at his Aalto e-mail in case of any questions concerning doctoral studies and works hard in different committees. Additionally, he’s the master songleader of the Guild of Physics.

Sampsa Laakso, one of the most brilliant scientific minds of our time, is the recreational officer of Aallonhuiput. His ideas and contribution has made Aallonhuiput the university power that it is now. Sampsa was born in the frozen tundra of Lapland and was raised among polar bears. Some say that his eccentric character is a symptom of IQ over 200. Sampsa has been interested in integrating doctoral students in university community and organizing collaboration and activities for older practitioners of science. Also international guidelines and recommendations of the structure and practices of doctoral programs are in his area of interest. His research topic is something related to mechanical modelling.

Olli Mäkinen, the financial officer, is a part-time doctoral student at the Computer Science department of the School of Science. Having graduated as M.Sc. in 2009, Olli’s research focus is on mobile service business and especially in the service substitution area. Olli has previously been active (and even still to some extent) in the Data Guild as well. One interesting fact about him is that he has been living in Otaniemi for 31 years!

The research and innovation officer of Aallonhuiput, Andrea Buda is the very first foreigner board member of Aallonhuiput. Being born and raised in Milan (Italy),  he is well known for his “not-so-Finnish habit” to animate discussions, by replying before anybody can finish his/her sentence! Besides discussing, he loves dogs, swimming and of course – what else than – geeky engineering! He’s currently a researcher and doctoral candidate in the department of Computer Science, focusing on Knowledge based Engineering and Simulation Driven Design.

Noora Tujunen discloses that she likes cats and especially her own ones. Controversially, her favourite food is spinach soup. As the secretary, she writes the meeting minutes and does a whole bunch of other things for Aallonhuiput. Her topic is the electrochemical detection of glutamate with carbon-based biosensors in the School of Electrical Engineering.

Ville Sillanpää is a first year doctoral candidate in Aalto school of Business at department of Information and Service Economy. At the moment he’s doing research on quantitative forecasting in logistics. Most likely his future dissertation will be about topics closely related to this. Most likely you’ll find him at UniSport or long-distance bicycling – maybe around the Aalto campus, since he is the campus officer.

Armin Wehrfritz is a doctoral student at the School of Engineering. He’s studying fluid dynamics and combustion technology in the Combustion Technology group which is part of the Energy Technology Department. His research interests are in advanced modeling of fluid dynamic and combustion processes related to fuel jets and sprays hence his research focus in Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD). His position in Aallonhuiput is web administrator.

Remember to send us your questions and see you at our next event! 

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