Brace Yourselfs, the Survey is Coming!


PhD studies in Finnish Universities have not been mapped before in a nationwide survey. In order to better understand the different situations of PhD students this surveys has been developed by Aalto University Doctoral Student Association together with the corresponding associations from Universities of Oulu and Helsinki, SYL and Unifi.

Please support our cause by taking 7-15 min. of your time and answer the survey and let’s make PhD studies better at least for future generations.

The survey is open at the moment you will receive this e-mail, and the survey is open until the end of September 2015.

All the results will be published and publicly available for media or research purposes. The survey is anonymous and any contact information will not be released.

Best regards on behalf of all involved organizations,

Sampsa Laakso, Aallonhuiput Ry


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