Aallonhuiput’s Annual Meeting and November Party

WHAT: Aallonhuiput’s Annual Meeting and November Party

WHEN: 18th November from 18:15 ->

WHERE: The Stage @Design Factory

REGISTRATION: https://bit.ly/phd-meeting

Dear Doctoral Students, we invite you to join Aallonhuiput’s Annual Meeting on Thursday 18th of November from 18:15 onwards. In our annual meeting we will go through the annual report of this year’s activities, check our financial statement and set the preliminary plan for the next year. Most importantly, we will also elect the next board members for 2022. You can find the agenda for the annual meeting at the end of this message.

Being a board member in our organization is the best way of influencing our activities, get acquainted with student organizations and get to know the University management and processes. All our association members can apply (to join as a member see https://www.aallonhuiput.fi/join/). As a board member you can take one of the board positions (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, etc) or just join as a board member without any specific role. If for some reason you cannot join the meeting and are still interested in joining the board, send us an email to board@aallonhuiput.fi .

Our annual meeting will be held at the Design Factory Stage starting at 18:15. We will provide some food and drinks for the early comers, so be early! You can also join by zoom on the following address:  https://aalto.zoom.us/j/63883184787?pwd=TE1nRzRiYzhYV2E1N2l0THhGQXZyUT09 (password is aaltophd)

After our annual meeting is over we will challenge November’s darkness and celebrate with a party. This will be our end of year’s celebration so we will have a lot of music, a hot tub, sauna, refreshments and drinks, no official program, just come as you are. The theme of the party will be Christmasy Summer. Come take some time off and celebrate in the darkest times of the year with your fellow phd students! More info about the party will come later.

Let us know if you are coming. The sign-up is now open (https://bit.ly/phd-meeting) and will close on 17th November at midnight. 

If you have any questions regarding our annual meeting or board positions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are very much looking forward to having you onboard.


1. Opening of the meeting

2. Selecting the meeting officials (chairman, secretary, two auditors and two vote counters)

3. Legality and quorum

4. Accepting the agenda

5. Deciding the sum and due date of the membership fee for 2022

6. Selecting officials for 2022

   6.1. President

   6.2. Members of the board

   6.3. Two auditors and a vice auditor for the year 2022

7. Selecting functionaries for the year 2022

8. Presenting preliminary annual report and financials of 2021

9. Action proposal for 2022

10. Closing of the meeting

Update: Meeting agenda was updated

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