Aallonhuiput PhD Workshop 2014, Wednesday 22.10.

Aallonhuiput PhD workshop 22.10

Aim of the workshop and invitation:

You are most welcome to discuss about the topical issues of PhD research work and how to improve our environment of doing PhD. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss four topical themes:

  1. How to do PhD for four years and is it realistic
  2. How does our future look like i.e. what to do after graduation
  3. Ideal way of doing PhD
  4. Versatile PhD work

Your experiences and ideas are the most important sources for improving our working life and to make our voice more visible.

Small snacks and wine is available starting at 16:30 so don’t be late!!arkadia

Please register by 17th October via facebook (Aallonhuiput) or by e-mail aallonhuiput@gmail.com so we can be prepared for service.

Also, joining Aallonhuiput in aallonhuiput.ayy.fi/join would be important for our association to function.

The venue is in Töölö Campus, Arkadia building (Lapuankatu 2) next to the main building of School of Business.

Theme I: Doing it for four years?

–          What does it mean to you?

–          How to get there? And how could our doctoral schools support that?

–          Does supervision plan help in this?

Theme II: Future, what happens after defend?

–          Do you know what will you do after graduation?

–          How could school, your department or supervisor help in this?

–          What options do you have?

Theme III: Ideal way of doing your PhD?

Theme IV: Versatile PhD work

–          What different things have you been doing during your PhD work?

–          What different things would you like to do?



16:30-17:00 ”Registration” wine and snack starters
17:00-17:15 The purpose of the workshop, themes and organising in groups.
17:15-17:55 Two themes
17:55-18:05 Break
18:05-18:45 Two themes
18:45-18:55 Break
18:55-19:15 Wrapping up workshop discussions
19:15-19:30 What could PhD Student Association Aallonhuiput do to improve our working life?
19:30 Possible after-workshop party somewhere nearby.

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