Aallonhuiput goes chocolate!

Aallonhuiput members visit Fazer chocolate factory on November 11, 2018.

Keeping our tradition of exploring Finnish culture alive, this year we are discovering Finnish chocolate traditions in the Fazer chocolate exhibition. This Sunday, November 11, we will have a one-hour guided tour about Fazer’s activities and extensive product selection, as well as its long history, corporate responsibility, and innovations.

This event series helps to connect PhD students with each other in a more informal and friendly atmosphere. In the previous year, we had a history walk in the Finnish National Museum. This year, as you may guess, there will be, of course, free chocolate, as the tour also includes chocolate tasting. This is undoubtedly the best way to learn about chocolate and, well… about each other! Oh and did we mention that there will be free chocolate? 🙂

If you are an Aallonhuiput member, you can still sign up via email (board@aallonhuiput.fi) but the number of participants is limited to 15. Come and join us for some informal networking!

When: 11 November at 11.30
Where: Fazer Experience Visitor Centre! Fazerintie 6, 01230 Vantaa
Who: 15 PhD candidates from Aalto University
Why: Because it's chocolate time 🙂
Price: Free!
How to sign up: To reserve your place, please send an email as soon as possible – the latest by Friday, November 9 – to board@aallonhuiput.fi. If you come to the venue without a confirmed registration, you risk that there is no place left, as 15 is the maximum.

See you on Sunday!

Arpine and the rest of the Aallonhuiput Board

P.S. Mark your calendars, the Aallonhuiput Annual General Meeting date has been tentatively
set to 30 November.

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