Aallonhuiput Board for 2018

Introducing the Aallonhuiput 2018 Board!

On December 4, 2017, the annual meeting of Aallonhuiput elected the new board for 2018.

Please come and say hi to us! 🙂

 Tilman Bauer is the President of Aallonhuiput in 2018. He sees his role as the facilitator and manager of the creative potential that lies within the board and within Aallonhuiput in general. Apart from running the board, Tilman represents Aallonhuiput in the Aalto Management Team as well as in several other teams and organs internally and externally. As part of his PhD, Tilman conducts philosophical research asking how business can foster peace in society.


Sissi Enestam is the Vice President of Aallonhuiput in 2018. She is an astrophysicist and a PhD student at the School of Electrical Engineering and at the Metsähovi Radio Observatory. Sissi is an avid Latin music dancer and has a cute bunny that she takes care of at home.



Anila Kiran is the Treasurer of Aallonhuiput in 2018, so she takes care of the money of our association. Anila represents Aallonhuiput in the Aalto BIZ Dissertation Committee (together with Arpine). She is a PhD student in the Accounting department of Aalto Business School. Her research interest is in financial accounting and auditing. Apart from work she tries not to miss her Zumba lesson every Friday. She is originally from Pakistan.


Mikko Leino is the web administrator and thus responsible for managing the mailing lists, website, as well as keeping track of the member registry and the association’s electronic accounts. He has also lots of work experience with associations, so he is our go-to person for questions related to rules and legislation. His research interests are beam-steerable mm-wave antennas.


Omar Velazquez Martinez is the Party chief and as well as Logistic Officer in the Aallonhuiput board. He is originally from Mexico but has been living in Finland since January 2015. One of his multiple skills is the ability to not have a good photo face in any picture. He is trying to save the world by doing his PhD in recycling. He’s keen on gastronomical tourism, that is, he is not scared to eat insects or some extravagant dishes.


Arpine Maghakyan is the Education Officer of our board. Arpine represents Aallonhuiput in the Aalto Doctoral Education Working Group (DEWG) (together with Pascale), the BIZ Dissertation Committee (together with Anila), as well as in the Aalto Research and Innovation Steering Group (RISG) (together with Pascale). She was the Treasurer of Aallonhuiput in 2017.


Pascale-L. Blyth is the Advocacy Officer of our board. A British-French national, Pascale is a doctoral candidate in the School of Engineering’s Department of Built Environment, where her interests span technology, energy, the urban, architecture and society. The 2017 Vice-President, she represents Aallonhuiput and the interests of doctoral students on Aalto University’s Research and Innovation Steering Group, Doctoral Education Working Group, and Academic Affairs Committee. She is committed to advocating for the improvement of the doctoral study process for students.

Note: A few introductions from board members are missing from this page. The full list of current board members is listed here: https://www.aallonhuiput.fi/about/board/

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