Aallonhuiput board 2012-2013

Aallonhuiput, the Doctoral candidate community in Aalto University, elected representatives for the board in the annual meeting on September 6, 2012. The board for the term 2012-2013 consist of the following Doctoral candidates with the assigned responsibilities:

Ilkka Hannula (ENG), Chair
Eeva-Lotta Apajalahti (BIZ), Membership issues in Töölö Campus
Eeva Houtbeckers (BIZ), Communications
Sampsa Laakso (ENG), Membership issues
Tatu Lyytinen (BIZ), Vice chair, Treasurer
Tatu Marttila (ARTS), PhD representative in Aalto PhD Management Group
Antti Saastamoinen (BIZ), Secretary
Heidi Uppa (ARTS), Membership issues in Arabia Campus

The annual meeting and the board can designate functionaries (toimihenkilöt in Finnish). For the term 2012-2013 they are:
Tiina Schmidt (BIZ)
Lauri Kovanen (SCI)
Maarit Laihonen (BIZ)
Perti Heikkinen (SCI), Webmaster

We are looking forward to an inspiring term 2012-2013!

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