Aallonhuiput 2015 Board Recruitment is open!

Aallonhuiput is recruiting new board for year 2015. JOIN

The board elections take place in annual meeting that will be arranged together with Aallonhuiput Pre-Christmas Party 10th of December in Ossinlinna, Otakaari 18 in Otaniemi.

Besides board, Aallonhuiput recruits number of functionaries for audit, workforce for events and other supporting tasks. Functionaries get front seat to board activities and meeting, good change to get to next term board and also benefits of board recreational activities.

If you are interested, let us know which position you think is for you: aallonhuiput@gmail.com

Aallonhuiput board includes following positions:

  1. Chairman
  2. Vice Chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Finance Officer
  5. Study and Research Officer
  6. Web Administrator
  7. Recreation and Leisure Officer
  8. Campus and Infrastructure Officer
  9. Communications Officer
  10. Chief Creative Officer

Chairman is the most important position in Aallonhuiput since its representation position in top of the Aalto University management; Aalto Executive Team and Aalto Leaders Dialog. Also, the big decisions and strategic planning for the term are mainly chairman’s decisions. Aalto Executive Team includes, President of Aalto, Provost, all the deans and chief shop stewards. Additionally AET includes Aallonhuiput representative and AYY representative. Chairman has also one other responsibility that is position in Neuvosto, that is the council of all the AYY Special Registry Organizations chairmen.

Vice Chairman works in Aallonhuiput as main executive leader, setting up the meetings and running the formalities. Vice Chairman is good position for motivated people who are running for Chair on the next term.

Secretary keeps record of meetings and works closely with Chairman and Vice Chairman in organizational matters. Good position for first term board members.

Finance Officer is responsible for all the account traffic, financial statements and audit.

Study and Research officer has representation position in Doctoral Education Management Team and is responsible for reporting DEMT discussions and decisions to Aallonhuiput Board and vice versa.

Web Administrator is responsible for keeping e-mail lists, Aallonhuiput website, Dropbox archives and Facebook group in working order. Also, the new members are added by Web Administrator to Aallonhuiput database.

Recreational and Leisure Officer is responsible for organizing PhD pubnights, Sauna events, Parties, Pre-Christmas party and also servings for other events. Also representation in Aalto Human Resources Management Team is RLO’s responsibility.

Campus and Infrastructure officer is representing Aallonhuiput in Aalto Campus Management Team led by Vice Rector of Campus Development.

Communications Officer is responsible for mailing list postings, Aallonhuiput Blog, Facebook feed and keeping in contact with Doctoral School Leaders and Coordinators in each school.

Chief Creative Officer is responsible for advertisement, graphical guidelines of Aallonhuiput, web development, graphic design and photography.

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