3-in-1-Deal of the Year: Aallonhuiput Annual Meeting, Pre-Christmas Party and PhD Photoshoot event

Still for the end of the year, Aallonhuiput has few suprises for our members. The exact times and places for this insane 3-in-1 deal is to be announced, but more details are as follows:

Annual Meeting 10.12.2014 in Ossinlinna, Otakaari 18

We will discuss the year 2014 for Aallonhuiput, plans for 2015 and new board will be elected for next term. All Aallonhuiput members are eligible to vote and as many participants as possible is wished for.

Pre-Christmas Party 10.12.2014 in Ossinlinna, Otakaari 18

Aallonhuiput_xmas_191112Free pepparkakor, glögi and star torta! Most propably free drinks. Good company and warm feelings. Everyone is welcome to our non-religious pre-Christmas party.

PhD-Photoshoot, Somewhere in Helsinki and sometime in February

photoshootFirst lucky people will get their potrait done by team of professional photographer and director. What we wish for people is to think one word or phrase that represent their feelings of PhD studies that will be included in the photo in #hashtag form. Also, feel free to bring any props related to your research for the photo. The potraits will be printed and put to all three campuses as a gallery to promote the visibility of PhD students in Aalto community.

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